Today in the city Johns Creek 19.08.2017
There's A Reason Why Cersei's Maid Looked So Familiar In Game Of Thrones

We might just have definitive proof that Cersei really did make her servants get the same haircut as her, and it's all thanks to Vanity Fair, who spotted something surprising about the handmaiden who...

Bus Crash Lawyers Want Files Restricted After Online Post

Attorneys involved with a Tennessee fatal school bus crash lawsuit want to restrict access to more court documents related to the case after a victim's mother posted two documents online.

Nearly 70 People Hurt Trying to Cross Border Into Spanish Enclave

MADRID (Reuters) - Around 70 sub-Saharan African migrants were injured when they tried to cross through the razor-wire-topped fence separating...

Man Convicted in 2013 Albuquerque Church Stabbings Released

A New Mexico man convicted of stabbing a church choir director and multiple parishioners at an Albuquerque church has been released from prison.

Owner of Plane in Fatal Hawaii Crash: No Issues When Rented

The owner of a small plane in a deadly Hawaii crash says there were no mechanical issues when he rented it to the pilot.

Elon Musk took a jab at Volvo while talking about the Tesla Model 3's crash test

Tesla CEO Elon Musk took a jab at Volvo while talking about safety features on the Tesla Model 3, his company's new entry-level electric car. During a handover event at Tesla's factory in Fremont, Cal...

"The Cersei" Is King's Landing's Hottest New Haircut

Sometimes, Game Of Thrones can be totally in-your-face with its gore and sex and general yelling, but other times, it's the master of subtlety, dropping clues so small you might have missed them had a...

Officials: Chemical Spill Caused Fish Kill in Virginia Creek

Virginia officials say around 165 gallons of an agricultural-use chemical leaked into a Roanoke-area creek, resulting in a large fish kill.

TRUMP, BREXIT, AND CROSS-BORDER E-COMMERCE: Rising economic nationalism and the growth of digital retail

This is a preview of a research report from BI Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service. To learn more about BI Intelligence, click here. Cross-border e-commerce is widely expect...

As Couric Leaves Yahoo, Was Donald Trump Right To Call Her 'Largely Forgotten'?

Katie Couric's star power wasn't debated--it was understood. The most popular face on network morning TV, she became the first solo female anchor of a network evening newscast. Then she joined Yahoo.

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